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Poster: Polixo at 8/5/2006 8:46:21 PM PDT
Subject: Not enough buff slots available!
   This is getting rediculous. Our tank is constantly losing stance/flask of titans because we don't have enough buff slots.

Right now my guild is working on maexxna. We've got him to 1% numerous times now, but every thing our tank loses valuable buffs (IE defensive stance, flask of titans, food, etc...) He can only have 8 visible buffs in order to not lose anything when fighting maexxna, and even then he loses defensive stance and flask of titans regulary.

I realize there was a post previously saying "Oh oh there's 32 buff slots, that's more then enough" but what you forgot to mention is the amount of invisible buffs.

Lets say we have 32 buff slots available. Add in buffs from armor bonuses, armor procs, stances, talents, etc... and we're left with 16 buffs slots basically.

For fights like maexxna we need to fill the tank with HoTs, taking even more buff slots leaving him with 8 buff slots where he can have his stance, flask, potions, food, team buffs, and so on.

You made priority debuffs on monsters. That's frickin brilliant! But not make priority buffs for players with the ability to be set by players.

We're tired of having to spend hundreds of gold per attempt to rebuff with our tank with consumables. Either increase the amount of buff slots, or make buff priority.

And yes I know for a fact when flask of the titans is pushed off its not in the "hidden" buff slots. If it was, then when we died wouldn't it be a visible buff after he dies? After all it's the only buff he ask. Not to mention when it's pushed off his max health drops 1200 points.

This needs to be fixed.
Poster: Pavonum at 8/5/2006 10:49:39 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Not enough buff slots available!

Q u o t e:
If you read more then the tital of my post you'd realize THAT'S WRONG. Like most GMs he's has no concept of how it works.

With all due respect, Polixo, I have personally done an extraordinary amount of research and testing into this matter, and have confirmed multiple times that the buff limit is, indeed, 32 -- no more, no fewer. It may behoove you to read some of my later replies to that thread, after I had conducted additional testing. Here's one that should be of interest:

Q u o t e:
As a more general update, my testing reached a veritable crescendo this afternoon. While I have confirmed once again that the buff limit truly is 32, it would appear that there are some effects that count toward this total which are not readily apparent; this may explain the inconsistencies some players have observed. I've taken the liberty of passing this information along to the proper authorities to investigate the matter further, and shall let you folks know if any additional information is forthcoming. Thanks for your help. :)

As I stated in that thread, I have forwarded my findings to those best suited to look into the mechanics behind buffs -- both those that are readily apparent and otherwise -- and shall let you know if any additional information is forthcoming. As for your idea for some sort of "buff prioritisation" system, that is not necessarily without merit; however, it is best suited for our Suggestions Forum for perusal by our Development Team, as the Game Master Department has no involvement in the design or revision of such functionality. :)
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