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Poster: Terrin at 8/5/2006 7:42:24 PM PDT
Subject: prepaid game cards
   i accidently scratched my game card so hard that some of the numbers were unreadable and now i cant use it...can i do anything about it? cause i have about 10 of the numbers
Poster: Pavonum at 8/5/2006 7:47:01 PM PDT
Subject: Re: prepaid game cards
   Unfortunately, Terrin, this sounds like a matter that shall have to be pursued further with our Billing Department; it is they who hold sway over issues regarding monthly subscriptions and gamecards. You may contact them either via e-mail ( or phone (1-800-59-BLIZZ) between the hours of 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Pacific time, Monday through Friday. I'm sorry that I am not able to provide any more direct assistance, but this is outside my realm of influence. In any case, friend, I wish you the best. :)
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