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Poster: Dratsab at 8/5/2006 7:20:02 PM PDT
Subject: Cannot login to forums with primary character
   I've been unable to log into the WoW fourms (these) with any of my main characters on Hyjal since signing up two months ago. I've sent several messages to customer support, all of which respond with the canned answer of "it's a temporary issue", or "is your account active", "have you created a character", etc. In other words, no one is reading it or checking the account/realm for problems.

This is a bit upsetting, as I would like to post with the same character I play with, so people in-game can associate it easily with my forum posts. That's not terribly unreasonable, is it?
Poster: Pavonum at 8/5/2006 7:29:06 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Cannot login to forums with primary chara
   The fact that characters on select realms (including Hyjal) are unavailable for posting on our forums is an issue which has been brought to the attention of our Web Team and Database Administrators for further investigation, Dratsab; you may rest assured that we are actively working to determine the cause of the issue and take all possible steps to address it. If any more information is forthcoming, I shall let you know in this or another thread; in the meantime, friend, your patience is much appreciated. :)
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