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Poster: Elthendrias at 8/5/2006 10:28:08 AM PDT
Subject: Accountfrozen, auctionhouse/mailbox question.
   Okay, so my friend's account ran out and he doesn't have enough money for a game card for now, he had an auction running at auction house and someone bidd on it, since his account is frozen while that auction was sold...will the items still be in my mailbox when I buy another gamecard even if it is 2 or 3 months from now? He wants me to ask this question because when things are sold in auction says there are a certain amount of days left on the gold in the mailbox..and that he cant log in with his account on the forums.
Poster: Caerrus at 8/5/2006 10:36:58 AM PDT
Subject: Re: Accountfrozen, auctionhouse/mailbox question.
   Any in-game mail that your friend has received will only remain in his mailbox for 30 days before it expires; and this does include mail sent from the Auction House. If it is not removed before the 30-day timer runs out, the mail will expire; regardless of whether or not the account is currently inactive. I hope this answers your question, Elthendrias. Best of luck to you and your friend.
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