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Poster: Scyrah at 8/5/2006 7:29:31 AM PDT
Subject: Repeat name offenders
   Ok, so I enjoy playing on an RP server where I can find a sense of immersion in the game and don't have to run across characters called 'DAVIDHASSLEHOFF' or 'ROFFELNOOB' in my day to day gaming.

I know the naming rules and report name violations when I see them as I understand while GMs are active and willing to support their rules, they need us to report things before they can take actions.

So, along comes a guy with a blatantly anti-Rp name. I inform this specific guy that his name is in violation, and why. I also politely point out that if he has any questions or misunderstandings with regard to the requirements on an RP server, that I am more than willing to explain them to him.

Anyway, guy gives me the usual trash that it is an RP name and a GM specifically told him that it is fine. I bid him good day and add him to my list of names to report.

I log on a day later and see the same guy, name unchanged running around. A friend of mine has also seen it and reported him. No change. Another friend of mine ALSO reports him. No change.

I'm beginning to believe GMs just aren't doing anything, strangely though, every other name I've reported has been changed. So I wait and chat to a GM who assures me that while he can't discuss action taken, I need not worry.

I log on today, and find the guy has changed his name, but has retained the name by including illegal ascii characters in the name to make it say the same as it said before.

Now, I'm starting to believe the GMs DID reset his name before, but he simply input the same name again. This guy is obviously out to see how far he can push things.

So my question: What is done about folks who are obviously out to flaunt the system? The guy who chooses a non-RP or offensive name SPECIFICALLY so as to cause trouble and make work for others, who on being asked to change it, simply chooses another one that's as bad or the same name? If it's not offensive, do they still get some sort of mark added to their record? What is there to stop this sort of behaviour?

DISCLAIMER: I know there will be those that will flame me with the usuall argument of 'What do you care about other players?' and 'Just leave people alone to play the game!' or 'LOL RP N00B ROFFLE!!11'. Note that this has nothing to do with the question and has been discussed ad nauseum in other threads. Leave it or post it somewhere else.
Poster: Kaone at 8/5/2006 12:21:31 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Repeat name offenders
   Hi Scyrah,

It is important to remember that as a player gets reported repetitively for the same violation, that subsequent actions on their account will increase in severity. While a naming issue may start out small, multiple violations for this same offense will quickly escalate the action taken, if the previous warnings are ignored by the player.

This is described in further detail using our Penality Volcano model on the World of Warcraft website at:
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