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Poster: Kaide at 8/5/2006 5:26:31 AM PDT
Subject: Bronze Dragonflight Questiions
   Players have been complaining about this quest for several months. I have yet to see a post other than from CMs saying that it cant be fixed and that players should post in the suggestion forums. Since Blizzard employees cannot provide feedback in suggestion forum, that seems like the wrong location. Players will continue to get wrong ring unless they hear from others about these quests. Is Blizzard even looking into these quests?

Why is this quest line different than all others? I admit, this question may require research. Was this quest designed as a test to see how many people read quests in detail before accepting them?

The posts seem to have various reasons why GMs cannot give people the correct ring. Even posts from blues seem to indicate various reason. Why are GMs unable to switch rings/quests? Is there a technical reason or a policy reason?

If a technical reason, please explain. Because it is a quest is not a reasonable answer. What makes updating a players quest log so difficult? If technical, is any work being done to allow this in future?

If this is a policy decision, again please elaborate. Is this because there is a way to switch rings later on? If so, obviously someone thought lots of players would get the wrong ring.

Besides, the quest to correct this problem is unacceptable. Need to be exalted and spend a fortune on AH. Too bad buying gold on ebay violates the terms of service. Several players even insisted they selected correct quest and got wrong ring, and were still told nothing could be done.

Poster: Caerrus at 8/5/2006 8:40:52 AM PDT
Subject: Re: Bronze Dragonflight Questiions
   The Suggestions Forum is the correct location to post about any dissastisfaction you may have with the way that Brood of Nozdormu ring quest is designed, and it is also the place to post any ideas or suggestions you may have for the improvement of this quest. That forum is constantly monitored by members of our Community and Development Teams, and is therefore the best way to bring your ideas to the attention of the Developers. Whether or not our Development Team is currently planning to modify this quest, I am unable to say; as I am not currently aware of any plans to change the functionality of this quest line.

Our Game Master staff is currently unable to exchange the ring that players have selected for the ring that they desired. This is, as you have surmised, due to a technical reason. The quest is designed in such a fashion that when a player begins the quest and chooses their ring, they are set on a specific path. As the player advances in reputation, they will be able to acquire upgrades to their ring. If a Game Master was to exchange the ring that the player had chosen for the ring that the player wanted, the player would, as a result, be unable to upgrade their ring after advancing their reputation (because they would not have the correct ring to complete the upgrade quest for the path that they have chosen).

At this time, we are unable to set players on a different path; which is why we do not currently exchange rings for players who have chosen incorrectly. Our Development Team has implmented a method for players to exchange rings once the player has reached exalted reputation; though I do apologize if you feel that this isn't a viable means of addressing the matter.

This matter has been thoroughly investigated, and we were unable to find any evidence of an issue that would cause players to receive the incorrect ring if they have chosen the correct one. It's highly likely that any players who have received the wrong ring have done so because of (a) user interface addons, (b) latency, or (c) the player has misread the quest information.

Thank you for your patience, Kaide. I'm very sorry if the design of this quest has inconvenienced you in any way; however, we will be unable to provide you with further assistance in this matter. Good luck!
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