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Poster: Naly at 8/5/2006 2:06:53 AM PDT
Subject: account retrieval
   i receive an e-mail that say =A photocopy of ID is not included=

i sent a photocopy of my driver license

so... what ID they miss?

don't tell me they want the cd-key ... because i lost it long ago ...

any blue can help?
Poster: Pavonum at 8/5/2006 2:25:12 AM PDT
Subject: Re: account retrieval
   There are a number of possibilities, Naly, but it's most likely that the ID was merely illegible, as Tandaa as suggested. You can try to lighten your next fax somehow, or -- if all else fails -- merely mail the form to us instead; further instructions to that effect may be found on the Account Retrieval PDF. In any case, friend, I wish you the best. :)
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