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Poster: Azja at 8/4/2006 9:11:48 PM PDT
Subject: Flight Paths
   I have a bit of a beef about the way Flight paths are set up. They are long enough without having to take unnecessary "scenic" detours which also add to the cost of the flight. One in particular that comes to mind is the Flight between Auberdine and Slithius...a long flight at best, but to take a complete detour to fly over Feathermoon so more money can be taken from your purse is just wrong in my opinion and I hope Blizzard will address this for ALL Flightpaths!

Poster: Pavonum at 8/4/2006 10:09:51 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Flight Paths
   If you believe that any specific flight paths could be revisited for the sake of efficiency or general improvement, Azja, I'd recommend posing your concerns on our Suggestions Forum for perusal by our Development Team; they regularly read threads there to gauge player feedback and garner new concepts for future changes to content and functionality. I, for one, find the aerial view of Feathermoon Stronghold to be quite charming, but if you feel otherwise, you should find that forum to be the most valuable outlet for your ideas. :)
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