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Poster: Elkidogz at 2006-08-03 07:13:19
Subject: pavonum, what's your mages build?
what sort of mage are you? if your not an elementalist have you tried it? what's your take on fire vs frost?

I also noted that your build for your mage isn't available on this new forum like ours is. why is that?
Poster: pavonum at 2006-08-03 19:08:04
Subject: Re: pavonum, what's your mages build?

Q u o t e:
He isn't a mage. he's a GM who's browsing our forums because there's not CS forums for the beta test.

Well, technically, I'm both; I may be a Game Master while on the clock, but I currently play as a mage during my off-hours. ;)

While I'm not prepared to get into a prolonged debate regarding mage talents, I'll say that I'm currently sporting an Arcane/Frost build, and enjoying it immensely. I leveled up with heavy Frost, but moved over to Arcane once I began actively raiding in the endgame — I like the mana efficiency of Arcane, and the control offered by Frost. I've always been intrigued by an Elementalist build of some sort, though, and will likely try one out on the Test Realm at some point. I'm of the opinion that there are a number of very strong, viable talent build options for mages, so I'm sure I'll experiment in the future. :)

When I raise my flashing sword, and my hand takes hold on judgment...
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