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Poster: Darktrooper at 2007-03-27 19:45:33
Subject: RESPAWNS are going to KILL WOW!!!!
Well, not literally, but its making things worse.

Clearing trash for 2nd and 3rd times is not fun, nobody enjoys it. Yet alas, get 4-5 attempts on a new boss and its back to clearing trash... again....

I can't speak for everyone, but clearing trash over and over feels more like a chore rather then playing a game. It's not just Karazhan either, some 5 mans have issues as well.

Oh, and how about the "No Bio" rule until said boss is dead. Guilds learning or have just learned an encounter have to time bios to make sure they don't interrupt "attempts."

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Poster: Drysc at 2007-03-27 20:33:43
Subject: Re: RESPAWNS are going to KILL WOW!!!!
Respawns are nature's way of saying you're not doing very well. Generally we intend for groups to get about 2-3 attempts in on end-bosses in the 5 person dungeons. But if you get in a bad group and you're not properly geared, prepared, or able to perform the tasks, then it's a good indication that you and your group need to work in one or more of those areas if you hit respawns. It's one of the few mechanics that lets you know your group... well, sucks, or that the guy that AFK logged and you all waited for was the cause. You can then take that and apply what you've learned to your next attempt.

I respawns are helpful in a way. It keeps a group moving, and if we hit respawns it tells me that I need to find a better group and tell the new group how horrible my last group was. Now if you're trying to learn encounters with your guild there's probably not much you can do except sigh and hope those two or three people in the group (That everyone knows are horrible at the game but no one ever says anything to. Well, except that one guy that went too far, started swearing at them, and then got kicked out.) get their act together.
Poster: Drysc at 2007-03-27 21:22:57
Subject: Re: RESPAWNS are going to KILL WOW!!!!

Q u o t e:

You're just plain wrong and there is no reason to explain why you are.

I'm guessing you're referring to end-game raids and learning encounters that maybe few have even heard of. My response is geared more towards the 5 person instances, and even Kara. The end-game instances I would consider on a different level and the number of attempts and obviously the use of respawns probably don't apply as evenly.

Of course if there are significant respawn issues in specific end-game dungeons then the Raid & Dungeons forum is probably your best place for that feedback.

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