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Poster: Vaneras at 2006-10-26 03:01:36
Subject: DPS Testing
We are currently in the process of heavy DPS testing with all classes in a wide variety of combat types, situations, gear, and spec to ensure they fall in-line with what we expect of each class and where we want each class to be on the DPS scale. As we progress with the DPS testing there will be changes made that will help adjust classes to where we want them to be, and you may see improvements or nerfs that seem a bit odd. At the very least we want to express that we're making these adjustments due to involved DPS tests and the changes being made are a direct result of our findings.

The expansion gives us an amazing opportunity to balance all of the classes in one big release, and we're going to be refining each class until release to make sure we're making good use of it.

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