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Poster: Moonaura at 2006-08-08 03:22:25
Subject: The unfortunate lack of Role-play.
Ishnu'alah fellow role-players, I am recently finding that less and less players Role-play, specifically on RPPVP servers, most do not see the concept of PVP in the context of RP, (for example, "/bow" to a Tauren if Nightelf before a fight, rather than simple ganking). I am interested in finding any contacts that Role-play, especially Druids, it takes gaming to a whole new level (how i see it) and I believe that I am very much in touch with my character.
I implore you, give Role-play a try, you may find a whole new world at your fingertips (or rotten fingertips as the case my be. =) )

I look foward to your feedback.

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Poster: Nethaera at 2006-08-08 07:54:33
Subject: Re: The unfortunate lack of Role-play.
I've generally found that most people will role-play with you if you give them the chance. If they don't, then just move on. I've had even self-proclaimed RP-haters do a little RP when it's been done in a way they feel comfortable with.

I think that most RP dislike and disdain comes largely from misunderstanding of what is required from everyone in order to RP.

RP can be as little as just logging into your orc or it can go as far as a complex background that controls your character's motivations. I have rarely ever come across anyone attempting to use Old English or Shakesperean as most people tend to think.

I also believe that many people do not attempt to RP because they feel that they just don't know how to 'do it right' because so many RPers get a bit perfectionistic about how things should play out and have high expectations of those around them. I have met many people in my time of gaming that also don't try because they feel uncomfortable or like they are not any good at it. In that case I think it's time for RPers to step up and set an example without mocking those that try or making them feel insufficient because any contribution to the ideas of RP are better than none.

Just my two cents.

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Poster: Nethaera at 2006-08-08 08:14:00
Subject: Re: The unfortunate lack of Role-play.

Q u o t e:
Well, it deserves to be mentioned that WoW was never made for roleplay. The RP realms are sadly an afterthought, with unenforced rules and such - they weren't originally going to release RP realms at all. I remember being surprised that there were chairs you could actually sit on... you know, something that had no actual purpose in game other than "realism" or "atmosphere". For the excellent game that WoW is, the focus has always been (and will likely always be!) combat, which is why nearly everything you can do will somehow tie into killing things.

It seems unlikely many things will be added for the roleplayers, so you'll probably continue to see most focusing on the actual "game" aspect of WoW, which is what has the designer focus as well.

While I understand where you are coming from, there is a certain caution when it comes to 'enforcing' RP. Exactly what part of it do you enforce and how much staff does it take to sit and watch for infractions? I have heard before from people on RP servers that they have been told that enforcement is a result of players caring enough about it and reporting infractions. I think to get the answer to that, you'd have to talk to the GMs in the Customer Service forum however.

At most, perhaps names can be enforced to a degree and even some more outrageous disruptions, but I don't think it can go as far as what many people seem to want such as enforcing people play their characters 'right'. Because 'right' to one person may not be 'right' to another.

I think in order for communities to become what they want to be, they need to educate the people in their community. I tend to try to tell people that want to be 'different' from the norm to be cautious (for example) because once 'different' becomes popular it's no longer unique.

I just don't believe any amount of 'enforcement' is going to bring about what players want and mechanics are merely that, mechanics. When you add too many in, it then restricts creative thought and interaction more than it supports it.

*I'd also disagree that WoW wasn't made with RP in mind. The world has lots of very interesting things to see and explore and interact with. The tools are there for players to use if they so choose.

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Poster: Nethaera at 2006-08-08 09:30:44
Subject: Re: The unfortunate lack of Role-play.
Sometimes it is about slowing down a little and letting that competitive edge slide a little bit. It's easy to get caught up in the fast paced 'must get it done faster' type of playstyle.

Poisoned rationality by candlelight.
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