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Poster: Kalel at 2006-07-30 10:48:41
Subject: DK double Talk? Just be truthful, blues!
Nathaera wrote in this post:

Q u o t e:
We don't want a repeat of the events that led up to adding in DKs to begin with in which players were being griefed via NPC/Civilian deaths so that they couldn't progress. At the same time, the developers don't want to create a bunch of invulnerable NPCs either. It would take an element of interaction away from the world.

Taking out player interaction? Civilian DKs take the entire city raid out of interaction, so as much as you'd like to say thats the real reason... its clearly not. Blizzard has no problems with taking out interaction, what they have a problem with is people complaining about laggy servers or that they lag when they look through the auction house because theres 240 people fighting just outside of it.

Give me a break, how lame does it get. Please, get us a real answer as to why the DKs are there and not just make up something that makes your bosses look good.
Poster: nethaera at 2006-07-30 11:35:08
Subject: Re: DK double Talk? Just be truthful, blues!
Instead of creating a new thread on the topic, it's better to post your concerns in the existing thread so that it doesn't get lost in the shuffle.

Also, there is nothing 'made up' to make my bosses look good. I've never liked when people accuse me of lying or embellishing. It's not my style. I've told you what there is to tell at this point and when there is more information on the progress of this topic, we'll be sure to let people know.

Consider this thread /locked and if you have more to say I suggest doing it on the other thread where it can get seen versus buried in the mass of posts.

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