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Poster: Johnnyblaze at 2006-07-31 19:00:32
Subject: GG Blizzard self owned
Omg look its a blood elf warrior on the blood elf pages!,images/screenshots/,16,24,townhall/bloodelves.html

GG Blizz, GG...

I'm guessing blood elf warriors were fine until the leet baindaid hotfix faction imbalance idea came in.

Paladins don't wear might pants imo kek.
Poster: drysc at 2006-07-31 20:02:32
Subject: Re: GG Blizzard self owned
The Blood Elves were playable as warriors at BlizzCon, and I don't think we have ever made a statement saying that warriors were never planned, nor have we ever said that the screenshots or showings of the expansion contain final content.

I know it's fun or sometimes gratifying to find little things that can be perceived as errors and point them out with scornful remarks, 'stickin it to the man' as it were. But it isn't an error, it's a screenshot of content that carries a pretty big disclaimer of not being final.

In any case, carry on, but just know that we still love you.
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