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Poster: Elkidogz at 2006-07-30 09:27:31
Subject: at issue pvp dk's
so, i've asked this on the normal forum, no answer

just a simple yes or no will suffice.

Are there plans to remove the dk's from the game? i know i said simple, but if no, why?
Poster: nethaera at 2006-07-30 09:51:10
Subject: Re: at issue pvp dk's
I've actually answered this one a few times but the boards have a tendency to eat responses pretty quickly. DKs are something the developers want to reevaluate. They are not promising that they will be removing them at this time but they do plan to test out different ideas as to their implementation. Any changes they make will most likely be put in at the same time as the expansion however.

I know many people feel that just flat out removing them is the best idea but there are things to consider in just removing them. We don't want a repeat of the events that led up to adding in DKs to begin with in which players were being griefed via NPC/Civilian deaths so that they couldn't progress. At the same time, the developers don't want to create a bunch of invulnerable NPCs either. It would take an element of interaction away from the world. While yes, you can gain DKs by killing civilian NPCs it's a choice players have at current vs taking away that ability to interact with them on that level.

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